On May 28th and 29th, our favourite artist is invited to perform during Pep Torres' exhibit, The Boundless Brain of the Creator, at HEC during the C2MTL.
Discover Pep Talk, a light-hearted dance between the hemispheres of the brain.
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Passeport Victoria  
A month and a half marathon through France last February and March was:
 -    A total audience of 1 200 people,
 -    5
days of workshop,
 -    Meeting with 2 Quebec Delegations,
 -    About 30 articles published about Victoria,
 -    10 hospitals visited
 -    and 10 pounds gained per person for a total of 60.
Find below the tour-book that our assistant tour manager Julie wrote. A compilation of anecdotes, photos and public's comments taken on the spot.
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