Creators / Program

Based on texts by Charles Fariala.
Dedicated to Charles Fariala, Alexander Langfelder and Angèle Pétrilli.
Role of Victoria : Dulcinea Langfelder
Role of the Orderly: Éric Gingras or Erik Lapierre
Staging: Dulcinée Langfelder
Directorial Coaching: Maryse Pigeon
Creation of the role of the Orderly: Réal Bossé
Set and Lighting Design: Ana Cappelluto
Electroacoustic Compositions: Christian Calon
Videos: Yves Labelle
Consultant for staging of videos: Jimmy Lakatos
Victoria Tango: Philippe Noireaut and Dulcinea Langfelder
Padam, Padam: Norbert Glanzberg and Henri Contet
Cheek to Cheek: Irving Berlin
Funny Face: George Gershwin
My One and Only: George and Ira Gershwin
Imagination: J.Burke/J.Van Heusen
Cheek to Cheek: Irving Berlin
Piano and arrangements: Philippe Noireaut
Vocals: Dulcinée Langfelder
Born in New York, she studied dance for much of her life, then mime with Étienne Decroux in Paris.  She studied theatre with Eugenio Barba and Yoshi Oida (long time colleague of Peter Brook). She came to Montreal in 1978 to work with the troupe Omnibus, then briefly with Carbone 14. She founded her company in 1985, and has created multidisciplinary works that have toured extensively: Vicious Circle (1985), The Lady Next Door (1989), Hockey! O.K.? (1991), Portrait of a Woman with Suitcase (1994) and Victoria (1999). She also works as choreographer in various theatre and musical productions. She has won several awards and was named Personality of the Year in Dance by the Montreal newspaper, La Presse, in 1990.

Eric-Gingras-photogr-Dulcinee-LangfelderEric Gingras (The Orderly)
He studied photography, drama, film and communications. He was hired in 1992 by the Saidye Bronfman Centre where he was technical director and often occupied the role of lighting designer, production manager and even live translator on over 100 productions and festivals over seven years. He has created and/or toured with world re-known companies such as Les Deux Mondes and Ex Machina. His insatiable appetite for doing just about everything made for an immediate affinity with Dulcinea Langfelder & Co., where his title is “Papa Bear”.
 eriklapierreÉrik Lapierre (The Orderly)
Born in Lac St-Jean, Québec, Erik first studied the visual arts and cinema and obtained an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in Cinematic Arts at the University of Chicoutimi. He came to Montreal in 1996, where he worked at the Palais des congrès de Montréal (convention center) as an audio-visual technician before starting to travel around the world with various theater companies. He has been working with Dulcinea Langfelder & Co since 2003, as technician and performer in the last two creations of the company, Victoria and Dulcinea's Lament.
 vincentsantesVincent Santes Gonzales
Spanish, born in Tanger (Morocco), Vicente has also lived in Kõln (Germany), Valencia (Spain), Paris (France) and now in Montréal (Quebec, Canada). He studied micro and precision technology, photography, drama and puppeteering. He was artistic director of the company, Theatre de l’Éclipse, for 15 years. He’s conceived set and light design as well as puppets for various theatre companies, and/or assumed the technical direction and lighting. Vincent has been working with Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. since 2001.
 danlevasseurDanys Levasseur
Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Danys is active in World and Experimental music. Among his many projects, he has made albums with singer Mary Sarah and composed the music for Foreign Exchange, a piece by Peter Hays at the New Jersey’s Playwrights Theatre. He created, live, Longue l’Onde, a piece for fretless electric guitar and brook; he improvised, live, the soundtrack for the video-performance Une histoire métamorphorique, in the event Dompteurs de nuit, in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Danys has been working with Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. for ten years.
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