“What if legendary danseuse Isadora Duncan came back to life and tried her hand at stand-up comedy? Imagine the possibilities and you'll be at least partially prepared for Dulcinea Langfelder's latest show (…). Langfelder performs as one possessed as she dives into this exploration of history, philosophy and feminism… a quixotic quest by a Chaplinesque performer, under the direction of the gifted Alice Ronfard.”
Montreal Gazette, 2008
“In the case of Dulcinea's Lament, we are in the hands of a professional (…) the fourth wall is less broken than shattered, which makes sense because in many ways, this is our story too, such is its universality. By the end, I'm pretty sure most people wanted to hug, or at the very least hang out with, this woman at the show's centre.”
Montreal Hour, 2008
“Absolutely irresistible!”
Elle Quebec, 2008
“We’re immediately spellbound by the singular world Langfelder creates, as she effortlessly goes from stand-up comedy to penetrating the feminine mystique (…) An absolutely unique and captivating work, in the image of this curious, funny and illuminated artist, who performs her scenic miracles as though they were simple charades.”
La Presse, Montréal, 2008
“… and the divine Dulcinea Langfelder, with Dulcinea’s Lament, succeeded in the tour-de-force of creating a new work which is as touching and original as Victoria, the piece that has brought her around the world.”
La Presse, Montreal
(Best theater in 2008)
“MIND-BLOWING… it’s the kind of art that propels us forward.”
“Puisqu’il faut se lever”
radio 98,5 FM, Montréal, 2008
“She’s an actress/clown – she reminds me of Giulietta Masina in Fellini films – fixing a soft, pure and fragile gaze upon the beauty of the world. (…) There are, in this (beautiful) Lament, moments of grace. (…) However, if the propos seems dense or tragic, the show is not. Dulcinea Langfelder deftly manipulates humor, wordplay and satire.”
Le Devoir, Montréal, 2008
“This woman is a tightrope walker: she acts, dances, rolls around, giggles… and I kept thinking: when will the tightrope walker fall? She never fell, and I was left with a feeling of grace, rapture… a nuanced performance by someone who has something to say.” “Je l’ai vu à la radio”
Radio-Canada 95,1 FM, Montreal, 2008
“You know you’ve sat down to something really special when you can feel the muscles
in your face straining from the permanent smile created by the sheer
enjoyment of what you are watching. …This golden age artist is more feisty, and demonstrates more spirit, than someone one-half her age; she is so acutely in touch with the medium and her audience…

Dulcinea’s Lament is pure joy with a very well merited standing ‘O’ …”
Dee Arr blog, 2008
((“It was the ‘première’ of this version of a show which is still in transformation… a show which is intelligent and full, in which we find everything from women’s history, divinities, religious wars and inquisition to today’s world, with many contemporary references… It had a cabaret feel, but with a news bulletin, filmed characters talking to live ones, songs, dance, some very sensual moments… at one point she dances naked behind a veil of silk… there is the sensuality of the dance, the veil hiding and revealing, but also the veiled woman, the enclosed body, the body we can only imagine…))
… So much meaning and emotion in a very wonderful show, where she is at once comedic, femme fatale, woman of sensuality, and a larger than life character straight out of a novel.
Truly, all present at this show were completely delighted, fulfilled, and astonished to see such audacity and intelligence - to see such an immense cultural proposition offered on stage.”
Annie Landreville, Info-Réveil, Radio Canada Rimouski
December 10, 2007 (after a public preview)
“Brilliant! Great script and stage presence gives rise to a comical and thoughtful piece inspired by the muse of Don Quixote. Comedy, multimedia, theatre, puppetry and dance are all brought together seamlessly in this multidisciplinary masterpiece.
… this is a really accessible piece of work.”
Lee Collins, Creu Cymru, Wales, UK, 2006
“My favourite performance of the morning. Within minutes you just knew you were in the presence of a hugely talented, experienced performer and her company. Inspired by her namesake in Don Quixote this performance had exquisite images, lovely soundtrack, great lighting and humour. One of my favourite performances of the week.”
Geoff Cripps, Creu Cymru, Wales, UK, 2006
“A very accessible, quirky, informative and entertaining show… what we saw was unexpected and riveting.”
Elen ap Robert, Creu Cymru, Wales, UK, 2006
“… a real surprise…
… a polished mix of text, dance and video projection.”
Richard Hogger, Creu Cymru, Wales, UK, 2006