« What she did is very interresting and even inspiring.»
Yvon Deschamps, humorist, Québec
« This is a wonderfully playful piece of theatre [...], a generous piece of work done with grace and elan.»
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, Scotland, 2007

« The choreography was simply brilliant. It’s wonderful theatre that’s unusually successful in being equally poignant and hilarious.»
Three Weeks, Scotland, 2007

« In the title role of Victoria, Langfelder’s aging woman with dementia is astonishing. Dancing with her wheelchair and singing Edith Piaf, Langfelder’s ability to combine pathos with genuine raw emotion is remarkable. At moments, turning to the audience or speaking to her own shadow, she is like Chaplin. A tour de force from the Montreal-based performer.»
Chita Ramaswamy, Scotland on Sunday, Scotland, 2007

« She is small, she can play the clown as well as move you to tears. She’s often been compared to Chaplin. Dulcinea Langfelder takes a place apart in the dance-theatre landscape.»
Suzanne Lévesque, Le Devoir, Montreal, Quebec, 2002

« The tiny, clownish Langfelder will remind many of Giulietta Masina in one her greatest roles, that of Gelsomina in Fellini’s La Strada…. Once word gets around as to just what a delight Langfelder’s Victoria is, tickets are bound to be snapped up.»
Myron Galloway, The Suburban, Montreal, Quebec, 2002

« Victoria should not be missed. It heals the soul.» Read the entire article
Pat Donnelly, The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, 2000
« I haven’t seen a fusion of performer and artifice so clean, so magical, well … ever.»
Gaetan Charlevoix, Montreal Hour, Montreal, Quebec, 2000

« A beautifully told, magnificently performed tour-de-force by a woman who should rightfully be known from coast to coast. Those who saw Victoria will never forget her. » Read the entire article
Times Globe, St John, Canada, 2000

« Her limp-limbed tap dancing would stop the show for brilliance if the audience wasn't so caught up in the miracle that is Victoria » Read the entire article
The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, 1999

« In this work, Dulcinea Langfelder takes on an almost impossible challenge…Her performance proves that there is no human situation that is not accessable to artistic intervention, as long as the artist approaches it with a true offering of herself. »
Les Cahiers Jeu, Montreal, Quebec, 1999

« A not-to-be-missed tale of death and dying handled with tenderness, respect and - believe it or not – humour as only Dulcinea Langfelder can …Teetering on the brink of physical and emotional impossibility, Victoria is her best work yet.»
Linde Howe Beck, The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, 1999

« Wow. It’s one of those works that you take like a punch: a punch in the gut; a love at first sight.»
Journal de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, 1999

« ... and Langfelder - now here's an artist with a firm grip on her medium. She's simply brillant.»
Dance Connection, Calgary, Canada, 1992