Steps of creation

Pillow Talk's working progress: 20 minute showcase presented at New York's APAP 2016
Following the end of the residency in Baie Comeau (Qc) in January, Dulcinea was selected by CINARS to present a showcase of her latest creation at the event Ice Storm, held during APAP 2016 in New York.
Presentation of the second phase of creation during OFF-CINARS (Montreal, november 2014)
On November 20th and 21st at the Gesù, Dulcinea performed for the first time an excerpt of her new creation (Phase two of her work-in-progress) of Pillow Talk - an essay on dreaming, as part of the OFF-CINARS 2014. Dulcinea shared the stage with other artists showcasing their own work: Margie Gillis, Lucie Grégoire and the company Nyata Nyata.
A simple scenography with a multimedia complexity, a terrible nightmare and a second opus of the series « Obama erotica » (much more pleasant!)
The excerpt is the result of of creative residencies at the Place des Arts, the Centaur and the Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Dulcinea is surrounded by her loyal artistic and technical collaborators, such as Alice Ronfard for the dramaturgy, Yves Labelle for video design and Anne Sabourin for some of the choreographies.


Pep Talk at HEC (Montreal, May 2014)
On May 28th and 29th, Dulcinea was invited to perform during Pep Torres' exhibit, The Boundless Brain of a Creator, at HEC during the C2MTL. She performed a light-hearted dance between the hemispheres of the brain. It is called Pep Talk in honour of Pep Torres and his encouragement to thinkers and creators of all walks of life and all ages. The play of words also refers to Dulcinea’s new work in creation, Pillow Talk, an essay on dreaming whose subject matter is indeed related.

Presentation of a work-in-progress at the Festival Quartiers Danses (Montreal, September 2013)


"The evening began with Pillow Talk, an essay on dreaming, by Dulcinea Langfelder – a playful and colorful multi-disciplinary work. As the title indicates, the piece treats the universal subject of dreaming, taken on by the artist in a most lively and dazzling way. How do you consciously bring the unconscious to an audience? Ultra expressive, Langfelder plunges into an exploration of her own dreams, which, rather than analyze, she interprets on stage, with lightness and gaiety..."

Émilie Plante, La Pieuvre