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Dear audience,
Thank you for supporting me for almost 30 years: What an adventure! A performing art company, is a project that we give life to, dedicating ourselves with passion to see it grow and wishing more than anything to see it become independent and autonomous. This engagement has been possible thanks to your encouragements and your mobilization.
Today, I am convinced that some works of Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. have to last longer than me and be passed on to the rising generation. I also believe in the solidity and eternality of Victoria, and I need your help to achieve my project: to promote this contemporary work to the repertoire ranking, that stands the test of time.
You know the beautiful Victoria ,this touching woman affected of dementia that tours all over the world since 1999. Every time, she is welcomed with great enthusiasm from the audience. She enlightens the life of people that meet her. She does people good. That is why this show must go on for a long time.
I am no longer 20 years old… Even if it is since that age that I perform. Time has come to pass on the Victoria’s wheelchair to a new interpret. I discovered Anne Sabourin, a particularly talented mime, stage manager and actress. I carried her through the “Victoria New Generation” project. Today, she is ready to walk along Victoria. But for this, we need your help, your support.
Every gesture counts. It is your support that helps convincing the industry, the government, the world, that sharing art is a valuable investment, and that each one of us has to do its part to pass on the cultural legacy as far as possible in time.
Once again, thank you very much.
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