Victoria in the hospital environment

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Dulcinea’s ability to establish privileged links with the audience partly explains Victoria’s exceptional impact, making the identification of the public with one of the characters’ natural and spontaneous, or the transposition between moments of the show and real life events.
The play, its emotional and positive reactions it generates, leads the improvement of relationships between elders and their caregivers, professionals or relatives. This is how Dulcinea actively participates to the improvement of seniors’ wellbeing. It is also one of her greatest prides.Maison de retraite la Manoudiere 
Throughout our many years of touring, we realized that the people who can most benefit from Victoria couldn’t always come to see her at the theater: patients, as well as their families and caregivers. So we decided to try to to bring Victoria to them, at various health structures. In order to do so, we propose the following activities.


Video presentation of the performance and meeting with the artist at the end of the projection. Depending on the conditions of the venue, excerpts may be performed live.

Duration: 1h50.

Conference Dulcinee


An artist’s perspective on memory (and memory loss): Art as a way to heal patients... as well as their caregivers.
The artist’s account about her learning process when creating the show, about:
• the creative, affective and poetic compensation for cognitive loss that occurs when people are affected by dementia,
• the marginalisation of elders,
• the relationship between patients and caregivers,
• Alzheimer disease,
• supporting people as they approach the end of their life.
Video excerpts of the performance, followed by a Q&A session, will accompany the presentation.

Duration: 1h30.


Participation in debates and reflections about subjects covered in the show with a panel of specialists (gerontologists, neurologists, cultural delegates in hospitals, caregivers, etc.)

Required material: Verified audio-visual equipment (DVD player or compatible computer)
a microphone, depending on the venue.


Stage mouvement


[For professionals OR non-professionals] Inspired by some of Dulcinea's favourite teachers, such as Étienne Decroux, Yoshi Oida, Min Tanaka, Hideyuki Yano and Pol Pelletier, this workshop is designed to help artists trained in movement to act, and/or to help actors better use their bodies on stage. It is also open to other artists (sculptors, videographers, directors, etc.). Objectives:
• discover the enormous ‘orchestra’ which is the human body, and how the actor can conduct it on stage,
• develop credibility, authenticity and stage presence, no matter how stylized the level of playing,
• control the character in its physical interpretation.

Required: space of minimum 10x10 meters and a DVD player. 

Photo stage technique


[For professionals OR non-professionals] Dulcinea's artistic workshop can be combined with a workshop in stage technique led by Vincent Santes (technical director of the company). The aim of these coordinated workshops is to foster a mutual appreciation of the two essential elements to any performance, in a creation space where interpretation and technique dialogue.

Required: equipped stage (basic lights and sounds)